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With the summer holidays on our doorsteps and having had to put down the needle for a while and return to ink and pencil drawings I have decided I will from now on send out the occasional newsletter with updates of what I am up to so here is a little insight into what I am going to look into over the summer.

In 2018, I embarked on an exciting artistic journey, creating a 35-panel wall installation (finished size approx. 2 m x 1.2 m) for my participation in the exhibition Personal Structures in Venice. This exhibition was one of the many captivating cluster exhibitions held during the 2019 Venice Biennale. The

prospect of showcasing my work in Venice during this prestigious event filled me with anticipation and creative fervor. To guide my artistic process, I turned to the works of the Italian painter Canaletto. Being a non-figurative artist, I

sought to incorporate elements from Canaletto's works such as the subtle hues of pink terracotta and pale yellows evoking the architectural splendour found in the Renaissance buildings at the time. Additionally, I drew inspiration from the rich red tones discovered in Pompeian frescoes, adding a touch of historical depth to my work. Finally, I incorporated the dark shades of

greyish green to capture the essence of Venetian waterways, as depicted by Canaletto.

The process of creating the panels depicting the water was intricate. I began by brushing gesso over a template grid structure, providing a solid foundation for my work. Once the grid was in place, I meticulously applied graphite, creating delicate lines that added a distinctive touch to the composition. After I carefully removed the grid template the surface was sanded down, merging the pencil lines with the overall texture of the piece, resulting

in a smooth and cohesive finish. I am currently revisiting past works, contemplating the possibility of taking them in new directions. Revisiting older pieces is a common practice for artists seeking to unearth fresh

inspiration and explore uncharted artistic territories. I am captivated by the colors found in Pompeian frescoes, discovering hidden connections and resonances with my own creative vision. While these influences may not always be apparent in my work, they serve as an inspiration, nurtured by the timeless beauty of the old masters.

I will be back with lots of exciting news at the beginning of September.

Meanwhile I am wishing you all a wonderful summer



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