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I am a UK based German contemporary artist.

A complex repetitive process of mark making and erasure––revealing and concealing––informs my drawing practice. The serial mark making mirrors the series of ideas involved in my drawings. I directly respond to the continual thread of fleeting moments in the online/social media experience, whilst drawing information and memories from art history––even though the visual result is non-descriptive or referential. 

By drawing hundreds of thin straight lines, I build up a density both in pictorial composition and through the act of layering––painting, sanding back the surface, and redrawing. I perform this action multiple times. This drawing process eventually reaches a point where it becomes more about the memory of movement or a response to the visual experience.


In addition no ‘drawing on board’ is seen as a solitary work or object but always as part of a conversation in space.  Drawing goes beyond the simple depiction of an object, a mark made on paper, it is as much about the process as it is about a metaphysical expression of an idea.

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